DoIT Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications have been the newest innovation in the world of technology throughout the past few years with the creation of various mobile application marketplaces and the demand for quality mobile applications. The influence that mobile applications have had are so irresistible that Smartphone manufacturers now depend on mobile applications as one of their main influences why their Smartphone has a competitive advantage compared to another Smart phones. Mobile Application Marketplaces and App Stores are the new search engines of the wireless world and V-Soft has fortunately had the opportunity to be involved in this booming industry from its birth.

The birth of the mobile application industry can be traced to the introduction of Apple’s iPhone and their iTunes Mobile Application Marketplace which was released in 2007. That was the first time when average consumers started using (in fact, even demanding to use) their mobile devices as a gateway to the Web. In the past it was claimed that only ‘corporate’ business individuals would use their mobile device for checking updates or email but the iPhone was the first device that truly revolutionized the way the common consumers used their mobile device for more than just voice phone calls. Mobile devices were no longer called Cell Phones but now took on a name known as the Smartphone.

With new ways to access the World Wide Web, the demand and need for more wireless devices that could offer the same capabilities as a laptop rose to levels never expected. Companies such as Google started developing their own version of Smartphone devices and platform known as Android while Microsoft started working on their new mobile OS known as the Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Mobile 8.

At the same time mobile and software developers got the revelation that they could take mobile website capabilities entirely up to another level by developing new applications known as Mobile Applications. These mobile applications would perform the same functions as web-centric mobile websites would but the layout of these applications would be much more user-friendly, stylish and specifically designed for a mobile devices screen compared to web-centric websites that were designed for a PC/Laptop but were scaled down to fit a mobile devices.

Within a few months of the iPhone’s release, mobile application developers from all across the world were rushing to be the first ones to create mobile applications that would change the world. Applications for purchasing movie tickets, playing mobile games, having real time navigation, checking news, checking one’s body fat percentage, and so forth started appearing in the market at a rate never imagined.

With the demand for mobile applications and the rise of mobile Smartphone devices, the mobile application industry has taken off similar to how the Dotcom boom exploded in the 90’s. It is hard to predict what the future holds but with so much competition and demand for these mobile applications, it is easy to see that the mobile industry will continue to grow strong and make an impact on the way individuals conduct their lives.

The rise of the app store has fundamentally changed the concept of software delivery. Gone are the days when zealous software companies sent users discs in the mail that ended up making better coasters than promotion. Many computers these days do not even ship with a CD-ROM drive and smartphones have never seen any type of physical downloads. The delivery mechanism of the application store is an often-overlooked revolution of the mobile era.