As the owner or the developer of a web site you strive to focus your efforts on your sites specific business logic and services core. Why spend crucial time and resources solving problems that are common to the web development world when proven off-the-shelf solutions already exist? DoIT provides a solution for common issues faced by most web sites development & deployment issues,Such as quick turn around time, This would allow you to save time and money while you focus on Managing your business and concentrating on the things you understand best. Let DoIT solve your web development time by quick turn around.


DoIT- Offshore web application Development Company having more than 500 satisfied clients in USA, UK & India is a professional service provider for outsourced web development projects around the world. Our core capability area is web development and we provide professional level services of website designing, custom software development and affordable SEO packages. Businesses today need to rethink everyday: the business, the partnerships, and what the customers want. Technology has brought collaboration to whole new levels. DoIT – Company is a catalyst that helps embrace collaboration and deliver Professional Web Design, Web Promotion, outsourcing SEO and Web Application Development solutions that helps companies stay vibrant.


DoIT focuses on six things to bring back your smiles when developing website.
  • Package Services as Products
  • Focus on a Niche
  • Educate, Don’t Sell
  • Leverage Existing Clients
  • Think Locally
  • Sell Web Products on Daily Deal Websites

Steps to Protect Your Online Presence

It’s critical to take the steps necessary to protect an online business against hackers who could steal vital information, or viruses which could bring your computer system – and your business — to its knees. Of course no system is foolproof. If someone is absolutely determined to break into your website, given enough time and money, they likely can. But it’s wise to put as many safeguards in place as possible, so that hackers will look for easier targets. What follows is a few steps DoIT specialists recommend that business owners take to protect their websites. 1. Change default passwords and account names in place when your website is deployed. 2. Update your web application with latest plugin or modules. 3. Use encryption certificates to protect customers’ financial information from theft during transactions. 4. Limit access of sensitive information to those who need to see it.

We’ll Help you to achieve your Business Goals

You’ve got the vision, practical expertise and tireless motivation needed to build a small business and do quality work, so now what? How do you find customers and get them to trust and hire you? One way is using the internet. Online marketing has become an increasingly important channel, especially for local advertising. Here DoIT explains 5 top most ways you can market your field service business online.